Import-Export in greek customs



2ng‘new generation’ second release

A – B

AADAccompanying Administrative Document
ABIAdditional Background Information
ABRAdditional Background Information – Reply
ACFApplication Configuration Form
ACIAdvanced Cargo Information
ACK/RIFAcknowledgement of the Request for Information
ACK/SIFAcknowledgement of the Spontaneous Exchange of Information
ACOAdministrative Co-operation
ACORAdvisory Committee on Own Resources
ACPAfrican, Caribbean and Pacific Countries
ACSAcceptance and Certification Specification
AEOAuthorised Economic Operator
AEO MRAuthorised Economic Operator – Mutual Recognition
AEOIAutomatic Exchange of Information
AESAutomated Export System
AFAApplication for Action
AFISAnti-Fraud Information System
AMApplication Management
APAAdvance Pricing Arrangement
APIApplication Programming Interface
ARCAAD Reference Code
ARCAdministrative Reference Code
ARISArchitecture of Integrated Information Systems
ARTActivity Reporting Tool
ASEANAssociation of the South East Asian Nations
ATAAdmission Temporaire/Temporary Admission
ATMsAutonomous trade measures
ATRAnticipated Transit Record
AWPAnnual Work Program
B2CBusiness to Consumer
BCBusiness Case document
BCBeneficiary Countries
BCMSBusiness Continuity Management System
BCPBusiness Continuity Plan
BIABusiness Impact Analysis
BOIBinding Origin Information
BPBusiness Process
BPMBusiness Process Model(ling); or Business Process Models
BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMBusiness Process Model
BPM/FSSBPM supporting Functional System Specifications
BPMNBusiness Process Modelling Notation
BPRBusiness Prototype
BTIBinding Tariff Information

C – D

C2007Customs 2007 Programme
CABChange Advisory Board
CBAMCarbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
CCBTCommon Consolidated Base Taxation
CCCCustoms Code Committee
CCC-CRMCustoms Code Committee Customs – Controls and Risk Management
CCC-DIHCustoms Code Committee – Data Integration and Harmonisation Section
CCC-GENCustoms Code Committee – General Customs Legislation Section
CCC-NOMCustoms Code Committee – Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature Section
CCC-SPECustoms Code Committee – Special Procedures Section
CCC-TIRCustoms Code Committee – Customs Status and Transit Section – TIR Subsection
CCICentralised Clearance for Import
CCIPCustoms Code Implementing Provisions
CCNCommon Communication Network
CCN/CSICommon Communications Network/Common Systems Interface
CCN2Common Communication Network 2
CCTCommon Customs Tariff
CDCustoms Declaration
CDCOCentrally Developed/Centrally Operated
CDMSCustoms Decisions Management System
CEDCommon Entry Document for the Feed and Food of Non-Animal Origin
CEECCentral and Eastern Europe Countries
CEGCustoms Expert Group
CEG-CRMCustoms Expert Group – Customs Controls and Risk Management
CEG-DIHCustoms Expert Group – Data Integration and Harmonisation
CEG-IPRCustoms Expert Group – Intellectual Property Rights
CEG-TIRCustoms Expert Group – Customs Status and Transit Section – TIR Subsection
CERTEXCERTificates EXchange
CESOPCentral Electronic System of Payment information
CETAComprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU
CFCControlled Foreign Company
CFSSCommon Functional System Specifications
CGMCustoms Goods Manifest
CHConfoederatio Helvetica (Switzerland)
CHEDCommon Health Entry Document for Plants, Plant Products and Plant Propagation Material, Products of Animal Origin and Live Animals
CHED-ACommon Health Entry Document for Animals
CHED-PCommon Health Entry Document for Animal Products
CHED-PPCommon Health Entry Documents for Plants and Plant Product
CIConfiguration Item
CIOTACommittee of International Organisations of Tax Administrations
CIRCABCCommunication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens
CISCustoms Information System
CLASSClassification Information System
CMDBConfiguration Management Database
CNCombined Nomenclature
COCertificate of Origin
COICertificate of Inspection (for import of products from organic production into the European Union)
COMEuropean Commission
COMConfiguration Management
COPISSystem for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (COunterfeiting and PIracy)
COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf
CPCustoms Procedure
CPCentral Project
CPGCustoms Policy Group
CPGCustoms Project Group
CPTCentral Project Team (or Change Management, IT Processes and Tools team)
CRMFCustoms Risk Management Framework
CRMSCustoms Risk Management System
CRMS2Customs Risk Management System 2
CRSCustomer Reference System
CS/MISCentral Services/Management Information System
CS/MISECentral Services / Management Information System for Excise
CS/RDCentral Services/Reference Data
CS/RD2Central Services/Reference Data 2
CSICommon System Interface
CSWCustoms Single Window
CTConformance Testing
CTAConformance Testing Application
CTOConformance Test Organisation
CTPConformance Test Protocol
CTRConformance Test Report
CTSCommon Transmission System
CTSComputerised Transit System
CUPCustoms Union Performance
CUP-MISCustoms Union Performance – Management Information System
CVEDCommon Veterinary Entry Document
CVED-ACommon Veterinary Entry Document for Animals
CVED-PCommon Veterinary Entry Document for Products of Animal Origin
DADelegated Act
DACDirective on Administrative Cooperation
DAC1Dispositions d’Application du Code 1
DAC2Dispositions d’Application du Code 2
DAC3Dispositions d’Application du Code 3
DAC4Dispositions d’Application du Code 4
DAC6Dispositions d’Application du Code 6
DAC7Dispositions d’Application du Code 7
DCData Center
DDNADesign Document for National Application
DDSData Dissemination System
DDS2Data Dissemination System 2
DGDirectorate General
DG AGRIDirectorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development
DG BUDGDirectorate-General for Budget
DG BUDGETDirectorate General Budget
DG CLIMADirectorate-General Climate Action
DG ENVDirectorate-General Environment
DG ESTATDirectorate-General Eurostat (European Statistics)
DG GROWDirectorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
DG MAREDirectorate-General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
DG OLAFDirectorate-General European Anti-Fraud Office
DG SANTEDirectorate General for Health and Food Safety
DG TAXUDDirectorate General for Taxation and Customs Union
DG TAXUDDirectorate General Taxation and Customs Union
DG TAXUD ITDirectorate General Taxation and Customs Union IT units
DG TRADEDirectorate General for Trade
DGSDirectorates General
DIGITDirectorate-General for Informatics
DMData Model
DRPDisaster Recovery Plan
DSDigital Signatures
DTDirect Taxation
DT RIFDirect Taxes – Request for Information
DTA/DTCDouble Taxation Agreement/Double Taxation Convention

E – F

e-AADElectronic Administrative Accompanying Document
e-ADElectronic Administrative Document
eAEO STPElectronic Authorised Economic Operators Specific Trader Portal
EATREffective Average Tax Rate
EBTIEuropean Binding Tariff Information
ECEuropean Communities
ECEuropean Comission
ECCGElectronic Customs Coordination Group
ECGExcise Contact Group
ECGElectronic Customs Group
ECICSEuropean Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances
ECJEuropean Court of Justice
ECOFINCouncil of Economics and Finance Ministers
E-CommerceElectronic Commerce
ECPEMCS Computerisation Project
ECSExport Control System
ECSExport Control System
E-Customs DecisionElectronic Customs Decision (Decision No 70/2008/EC)
ECWPEMCS Computerisation Working Party
EDBOHIM Enforcement Database
EDCExcise Duty Calculator
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EEAEuropean Economic Area
EECEuropean Economic Community
EEIGEuropean Economic Interest Grouping
EFCAEuropean Fisheries Control Agencies
eFCAE-Forms Central Application
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association
eIDASelectronic Identification, Authetication and trust Services
EIDREntry In the Declarant’s Records
EISEuropean Information Systems
EISEuropean Interoperability Strategy
EISExternal Interface Specification
EMCSExcise Movement and Control System
EMSWeEuropean Maritime Single Window environment
EMTREffective Marginal Tax Rate
ENSEntry Summary Declaration
EOEconomic Operator
EORIEconomic Operators Registration and Identification subsystem
EORI 2Economic Operators Registration and Identification subsystem 2
EOSEconomic Operators’ System
EOS-AEOEconomic Operators’ System – AEO subsystem
EOS-EORIEconomic Operators’ System – Economic Operators Registration and Identification subsystem
EPEuropean Parliament
EPExternal Process
ESCEconomic and Social Committee
ESSExcise System Specification
ETCITExpert Team on new approaches to develop and operate Customs IT systems
ETDElectronic Transport Document
EUEuropean Union
EU CITEU Corporate Income Tax
EUCARISEuropean Car and Driving License Information System
EUCDMEuropean Union Customs Data Model
EUIPOEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office
EXCCommon System Interface Exception report
EXPCommon System Interface Expiration report
EXSExit Summary Declaration
F07Fiscalis 2007
FAFormulary Apportionment
FAL Form 2Cargo Declaration
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FATFactory Acceptance Test
FATCAForeign Account Tax Compliance Act
FD3FITS Development
FESSFunctional Excise System Specification
FGASFluorinated Gases
FIFinancial Institution
FIFFeedback on the Exchange of Information
FISFISCALIS Information Systems
FITSFISCALIS Information Technology Services
FITS-DEV3Development contractor for Fiscalis Systems Excise team
FLEGTForest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade
FODBelgian SPF Finances – Federale Overheidsdienst
FoSFramework of Standards
FPGFiscalis Project Group
FPGFunctional Project Group
FSFunctional Specification
FSSFunctional System Specifications
FTAFree Trade Agreement
FTLFailure with the Time Limit

G – H

GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation
GMSGuarantee Management System
GNCGlobally Networked Customs
GSPGeneralised System of Preferences
GTPGeneric Trader Portal
GTTGeneric Testing Tool
GUMGuarantee Management
HAHigh Availability
HLHigh Level
HRIMHarmonised Reporting Interface Module
HSHarmonized System
HTIHarmonised Trader Interface

I – J

IAImplementing Act
IAMIdentity and Access Management
IASInternational Accounting Standards
IBFDInternational Bureau of Fiscal Documentation
ICARUSContact Group for Airports (Frankfurt, Rome Fiumicino, Roissy C.D.G., Schiphol, Zaventem, Ruzyne, Sofia, Heathrow)
ICCInternational Chamber of Commerce
iCrypt-EUEUROFISC – iCrypt EU Secure platform to exchange information under the recast of the Administrative Cooperation regulation
ICSImport Control System
ICS2Import Control System 2
ICTInformation and Communications Technology
IDIndividual Delivery
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards
INFInformation Sheet
IOSSImport One-Stop Shop
IOSS-DRImport One-Stop Shop Distributed Registry
IOTAIntra-European Organisation of Tax Administations
IPMIntegrated Project Management
IPRIntellectual Property Rights
IRUInternational Road Union
ISImplementation Strategy
ISInformation System
ISInterface Specifications
ISPPInformation System for Processing Procedures
ITInformation Technology
IT BCMSIT Business Continuity Management System
ITILInformation Technology Infrastructure Library
ITSCInformation Technology Steering Committee
ITSMInformation Technology Support Management (DG TAXUD Contractor)
ITTInvitation to Tender
JRCJoint Research Centre
JTPFEU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum

K – L

KPIKey Performance Indicator
L1 BPMLevel 1 – Global BPM (overview of EU Customs Business Domain and Global Business Data).
L2 BPMLevel 2 – High Level BPM (interactions between the main business processes with each EU Customs Business Domain).
L3 BPMLevel 3 – Business Requirement BPM (flow of the legal and business tasks within each main business process and the interactions between involved stakeholders).
L4 BPMLevel 4 – Functional Requirement BPM (flow of the envisaged system; information exchanges; data rules and conditions; requirements trees; test cases and scenarios).
LISOLocal Information Systems Security Officer

M – N

MABMutual Assistance Broker
MAGHREBMorocco, Algeria and Tunisia
MANITCExpert Team for Managed IT Collaboration
MAPMutual Agreement Procedure
MASPMulti-Annual Strategic Plan
MASP-CMulti-Annual Strategic Plan for Customs
MASP-TMulti-Annual Strategic Plan for Taxation
MCPPMaster Conformance Test Project Plan
MCPPMonthly Central Project Plan
m-EMCSApplication for mobile Excise Movement Control System
MFNMost Favoured Nation
Mini-1SSMini One Stop Shop
MISManagement Information System
MNSWMaritime National Single Window
MoMMinutes of Meeting
MOSSMini One Stop Shop
MPPMaster Project Plan
MRMutual Recognition
MRAMutual Recognition Agreement
MRNMovement Reference Number
MSMember States
MSAMember State Administrations
MSCONMember State of Consumption
MSESTMember State of Establishment
MSIMember States (Information) publication
MSIDMember State of Identification
MSRMonthly Service Report
MS-TTesting Member State
N/ANot applicable
NANational Administration
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
NBNota Bene
NCTSNew Computerised Transit System
NCTS-GMSNCTS Guarantee Management System
NETPNon-Established Taxable Person
NOT PLANNEDProject milestones are not defined
NPPNational Project Plan
NPTNational Project Team
NTLNormal Time Limit

O – P

OCTOverseas Countries and Territories
ODSOzone-Depleting Substances
ODYSSUDContact Group for Southern Ports (Barcelona, Koper, Leixoes, Marseille, Piraeus, Trieste)
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OJOfficial Journal of the European Union
OJEU (OJ)Official Journal of the European Union
OLAFEuropean Anti-Fraud Office
OPCOpen Public Consultation
OPPOther Purposes – Permission
OPROther Purposes – Request
ORObservation Report
ORBISOpen Repository Base on International Strategic Studies
OSOperating System
OSSOne Stop Shop
OTOperational team
OWNRESElectronic system for reporting cases of fraud and irregularity concerning Traditional Own Resources maintained by DG BUDG.
PCPartner Country
PDFPortable Document Format
PFICPassive Foreign Investment Company
PGProject Group
PMPProject Management Plan
PNPresentation Notification
POCProof Of Concept
PoCPoint of Contact
PoUSProof of Union Status
PSProject Support
pSATPre-Site Acceptance Test
PSSPhasing and Scope Specification

Q – R

QAQuality Assurance
QACQuality Assurance Contractor
QCQuality Control
QMSQuality Management System
QUOTA2Electronic system for quota management/allocation 2
RACIResponsibility Accountability Consulted Informed
RALFHContact group for Northern Ports (Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Le Havre, Felixstowe, Hamburg
REACHRegistration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
REXRegistered Exporters System
RfARequest for Action
RfCRequest for Change
RIRequest for Information
RIFRisk Information Form
RIFRequest for Exchange of Information
RNRequest for Notification
RPRequest for Precautionary measures
RPORecovery Point Objective
RRRequest for Recovery
RSRecapitulative Statement
RSSRegular Shipping Service
RTORecovery Time Objective
RTORecovery Time Objective
RUP@ECRational Unified Process (RUP) is an iterative software development framework tailored for the needs of the European Commission.

S – T

SADSingle Administrative document
SAESpecific Administrative Enquiry
SAFEWCO Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Trade
SATSite Acceptance Testing
SCSpecific Contract
SCACStanding Committee of the Member States for Administrative Co-operation
SCEEuropean Cooperative Society (Societas Cooperativa Europaea)
SCITStanding Committee of the Member States responsible for Information Technology
SEEuropean Company (Societas Europaea)
SEEDSystem of Exchange of Excise Data
SfASubmitted for Acceptance
SfRSubmitted for Review
SIFSpontaneous Exchange of Information
SLAService Level Agreement
SMESmall and medium-sized enterprises
SMESubject Matter Expert
SMSSpecimen Management System
SMTService Management Tool
SOAService-Oriented Architecture
SOAScope Of Activities
SPSpecial Procedures
SPEEDSingle Portal for Entry or Exit of Data
SPEED2Single Portal for Entry or Exit of Data 2
SQLStructured Query Language
SRASystem Requirements Analysis
SRDSystem Requirements Definition
SSGSecure Services Gateway
SSTLSmart and Secure Trade Lanes
SSTPSelf Service Test Portal
STIShared Trader Interface
STLSpecial Time Limit – Request
STRSpecial Time Limit – Reply
STTAStandard Transit Test Application – ‘light’ TTA for MS
SUGStart Up Guide
SURV 2Surveillance 2
SURV3Surveillance 3
SURV-CDCSurveillance – Customs Duties Calculations
SURV-RECAPPSurveillance Reception Application
SUSPElectronic system for suspensions management
SWSingle Window
SW-CVEDSingle Window – Common Veterinary Entry Document
T2LMeans of proof of the Customs status of Union goods
T2LFMeans of proof of the Customs status of Union goods for goods transported to, from or between non-fiscal areas
TADTransit Accompanying Document
TARICIntegrated Tariff of the European Union
TBCTo be confirmed
TBDTo be defined
TCCThird Country – Consent
TCGTrade Contact Group
TCPTransit Computerisation Project
TCRThird Country – Request
TDSTest Design Specification
TEDBTaxes in Europe Database
TEETest Execution Engine
TEMPOTAXUD Electronic Management of Projects Online
TESTrans-European System
TESSTechnical Excise System Specification
TICTaxation and Information Communication
TINTax Identification Number
TIRTransports Internationaux Routiers/International Road Transports
TISTaxation Information Systems
TMIThird Member State Information – Request
TMOThird Member State Information – Oppose
TMSTape Management System
TMSTechnical Message Structure
TNATransaction Network Analysis
TOCTerms of Collaboration
TRACESTRAde Control and Expert System
TRACES NTTRAde Control and Expert System New Technology
TRPTest Reference Package
TSTemporary Storage
TSTechnical Specifications
TSDTemporary Storage Declaration
TSSTechnical System Specifications
TSSTaxation Statistics System
TTATransit Test Application (test application used for conformance testing)

U – V

UCCUnion Customs Code (Regulation (EU) No 952/2013)
UCC DAUnion Customs Code Delegated Act (Regulation (EU) 2015/2446)
UCC IAUnion Customs Code Implementing Act (Regulation (EU) 2015/2447)
UCC TDAUnion Customs Code Transitional Delegated Act (Regulation (EU) 2016/341)
UCC WPUnion Customs Code Work Programme
UCITsUndertakings for Investment in Transferable Securities
UKUnited Kingdom
UNECEUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
USAUnited States of America
UTRUnable to retry
UUMUniform User Management
UUM & DSUniform User Management & Digital Signature
VATValue Added Tax
VCTVIES configuration tool
VEFVAT e-Forms
VIAVIES Initial Application
VIESVAT Information Exchange System
VIMVIES Monitoring
VTAVies Test Application

W – X

WAWithdrawal Agreement
WCFWorld Chambers Federation
WCOWorld Customs Organisation
WCO HSWorld Customs Organisation Harmonised System
WFWorking Field
WPWork Programme
WTOWorld Trade Organisation
x-DEVDevelopment contractor(s)
XLSExcel file
XSDXML Schema Definition
x-SMService Management contractor(s)